Our Story

Calleo was co-founded by Bailey and Rob, two friends who met at University. We offer a unique service to modernise the way we remember our loved ones in our lives.

The sad passing of Rob’s grandfather, Bob Langley, in 2021 inspired the launch of Calleo. Rob wished nothing more than to hear his grandfather’s voice one last time and to recollect his advice and wisdom shared on his wedding day. While his handwriting made its mark in the guest book, it didn’t capture the tone and personality of Bob, nor did it give him the space to write a meaningful message at length.

That’s why we launched Calleo – an Audio Guest Book that allows guests to record a message as a voicemail, rather than in a handwritten guest book. We recognised the power of an Audio Guest Book in remembering our loved ones and the funny moments at weddings and other events.

A written guestbook fails to capture the true essence of the day, and unfortunately, tend to end up in storage, lost, or broken. Replacing a paper-based guest book with a Calleo Audio Guest Book can let you ‘ring, record and remember’ all of your loved ones.

Like with Corinne & Greg, they booked Calleo for their August 2022 wedding. Sadly, after their wedding, their Grandad passed away. The voicemail he left allows them to hear his voice for the rest of their lives.

Watch more about their story linked here.

Page header image credit: Jessica Isherwood Photography